Breakaway Rides   Team Breakaway

Our Mission

We at BreakAway Rides love mountain biking. All kinds. Marathon, touring, XCO, Enduro gravity, social rides. We participate in races and enjoy pushing our limits on a bike. But we understand the importance of balance and joy. While we might race up a long     climb to build strength and stamina, and rush down a fast technical track we will certainly find time to pause and enjoy the beauty of the surrounding nature. 


We believe in creating an experience for our junior and senior riders that awakens curiosity, intuition, and play. Our skills program is designed to help each rider to progress up the skills tree and build fitness in an adventurous and fun environment. While we ensure that everyone will turn into a skilled and strong rider we are taking out the element of high performance pressure and rather replace it with relaxed and fun vibes.

We believe that competition with fellow riders is a thief of joy and as such we encourage everyone to focus on their own growth by looking at personal goals and needs



In a world where the focus is on competition and individual gain we prefer a different approach. We believe in collaboration and humility where it is about compassion and tolerance; challenging personal boundaries and supporting growth within own abilities; encouraging an open mind and open heart without judging others.

We know that not one day is like the other, stressful lives, family responsibilities and work leave us depleted. We’ll make sure you are well looked after and return rejuvenated, happy and accomplished.

Skills Workshops


We like to connect with you on a individual level to ensure you progress quickly and feel cared for. All our groups host a maximum of six riders per coach to ensure personal connection.

Honesty & Excellence

We will always aim to offer you the best experience possible and wish for you to improve your skills every time you ride with us. We appreciate your honest feedback about your experience with us so we can learn and grow together.

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