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Skills Training & Development

Whether you are new to mountain biking or want to brush up on your riding skills, we at BreakAway Rides will help you learn new skills swiftly, with the right dose of fun.

Our classes are based on a skills progression programme which has been refined over the years to ensure your quick learning curve. We offer Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced mountain bike skills classes.

Personal Skills Training

Skills Workshops

Personal skills Training


Private Sessions
R890 per person

Group Sessions (2 Pax)
R790 per person

Group Sessions (3+ Pax)
R690 per person


Constantia Bike Park, Meerendal, Bloemendal, Contermanskloof, Southern Suburb Green Belts, Table Mountain and Tokai forest.

What’s included:

• Structured skills lessons
• Professional mountain bike instructors with first aid certificate
• Trail fee
• Mechanical support
• Snacks
• Pictures & Video of ride
• Goody-bag
• Skills tips for home
• 30 Days Free Support

Optional extras:

• Shuttle service

What to bring:

• A well maintained bicycle. Inserting sludge into the tube to self-seal punctures is highly recommended.
• Spare tubes
• Water bottles

Date & times:

Monday – Friday
09h00 – 11h00 | 12h00 – 14h00 | 15h00 – 17h00

Saturday & Sunday
14h00 – 16h00


14 – 95 years

Skill levels:

Single Track Foundation (Levels 1-3)
• This is for you if you are new to mountain biking. You are comfortable riding very easy single trail but you don’t know how to handle switchbacks (steep corners), and any obstacle in the way.

• You learn: Getting to know your mountain bike | Learning the ‘attack
position’ | Correct gear selection | Effective braking | Negotiating small trail obstacles incl. A-frames, bridges | Practice of easy switchbacks up and down

• Important! Don’t wear cleated shoes. Wear takkies and fit flat pedals to better concentrate on the skills training.

Intermediate (Levels 4-8)
• This is for you if you have been riding for more than a year. You are confident on most trails but still nervous in root and rock gardens, smaller drops, switchbacks and berms.

• You learn: Dynamic weight shift – seated and standing | Negotiating rock gardens, sand | Cornering skills incl. tight switchbacks and berms | Riding smaller drop offs, steps and jumps | Bunny hop | Track Stand | Negotiating steep terrain (up/down)

Advanced (Levels 9-10)
• This is for you if you are experienced and have been riding for a number of years. You love speed and descend quickly through rock and root gardens but still nervous on bigger drops and clearing jumps. You struggle on steep technical uphill and want to improve speed and flow in the trails.

• You learn: Negotiating steep technical terrain incl. rooty and rocky up & downhill | Riding bigger drop offs and jumps (XCO level) | Increase speed and flow.

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Skills Workshops

Our workshops have been designed to teach you the foundations required to become a faster and more confident rider on the trails. This workshop is not only for riders that have just discovered the beauty of mountain biking but very beneficial for experienced riders, too. Mountain biking, like any other sport, has a specific set of core skills which are not inherent. You can only become a faster rider on technical terrain once you understand the specific cues that allow you to ride smoother over rocks and roots, safer over jumps and drops, faster around berms, and tackle steep sketchy terrain.
These core skills are not intuitive and not learned from experience. Rather, it needs to be learned through skills drills followed by regular practice to reach your potential. At BreakAway Rides we make sure to provide you with the tools you need to improve your mental and physical side of mountain biking.

Skills Development

Next dates:

16 Sept Part 1
7 Oct Part 2


R1190 Part 1 & 2 | R690 Part 2

Ride locations:

Meerendal Part 1 | Paul Cluver Part 2

What’s included:

• Skills development by professional instructors
• Day Permit
• Snacks & Vitamin Drinks
• Basic mechanical support
• Value bag

What to bring:

• A well maintained bicycle. Inserting sludge into the tube to self-seal punctures is highly recommended.
• Spare tubes
• Water bottles
• Helmet
• Gloves & comfortable clothes for the ride
• Sunscreen



09:00 – 12:00


16+ years

Skill level:


What is covered:

Foundation (20% of workshop): 
Core skills to develop mountain biking including correct body position and attack, how to corner in control, controlling the bike on rough terrain, dealing with drops and tackling obstacles on the trail all providing great foundations for riding with confidence.

Intermediate (80% of workshop):
We get technical with wheel lifts for tackling obstacles found on the trail, dealing with tricky trail features such as rocks and roots, assured cornering and maintaining speed into corners, how to tackle drops in the trail and flying drop offs and introduce flow into your riding.


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