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Our Mission

We love the ride but we are equally as passionate about delicious food and wine. Days of amazing trail riding in the Cape’s tranquil nature reserves paired with the best local cuisine and wine, this is a break away unique, authentic and exceptional to be cherished long after our guests have gone back home.

The Detail

Our guides are personally involved in the development of each Ride and have spent many hours curating the perfect route. Every detail is taken care of, from expertly selected routes to carefully sampled cuisine and wines, to hand-picked accommodation. Our collective experience means we can personally vouch for every item on the itinerary and provide a truly unforgettable mountain biking experience.

Overberg Adventure
Single track

Wining & Dining

Our guests are not just experienced riders but have a great deal of experience in a fine lifestyle. Exquisite food and drink is for BreakAway as important as is the riding. We treat you to the authentic, local establishments indulging in meals prepared by the best chefs and lingering over wine endorsed by master sommeliers.

Quick Rides


Our hosts are not just passionate about riding, they are as passionate about perfect service. We never invite more than 10 riders on our tours to give you the individual attention you deserve. Our mechanic is there each day to prepare your bike for the next day as is our massage therapist helping your legs to recover and relax. We provide support and plenty of nutrition during each ride.

Overberg Adventure
Single track
Bicycle detail

Route Design

We are locals and know the routes intimately. These trails have been our training ground for many years and offer excellent varied terrain to improve technical riding skills, to increase strength and endurance, and to prepare for the racing season. There is a good reason why the world’s best mountain bike athletes train in our backyard. The Western Cape is a heaven for mountain biking, and our handpicked routes are challenging enough for experienced cyclists but will leave you with just enough energy and lots of appetite to enjoy the delicious cuisine and world renowned wines each day.